TeShamo! Eritrean Music

TeShamo! Entertainment is an organization and website that provides chat, pictures, video, and TeShamo Eritrean music for users all across the globe. Since Eritrean music was carefully secluded during the Ethiopian conflict, many Eritrean musicians did not get the full exposure that you would see in many other countries. In fact, there are very few Eritrean record labels, none of which would even be considered a “major” mainstream label.

Stepping Up To Share Eritrean Music:

Because of this, websites like TeShamo and others have stepped up to fill the gap between Eritrean musicians and consumers. The distinct advantage for listeners of Eritrean music is that they can typically stream and even download Eritrean music mp3 files without concern for illegal copyright infringement. Whereas the TeShamo website is run by its parent organization, many Eritreans upload their own music and video files to create a YouTube Eritrean music database. Current Eritrean music featured includes classical, as well as hip hop from the different regions of Eritrea, as well as jokes that are recorded as audio files.

Copyright Violations?

While providing Eritrean music for listeners in many countries is a noble cause, one can only wonder about the possible copyright laws that TeShamo is breaking when it comes to streaming other audio files. Using their own flash-based audio player, the site allows you to stream many e-books as well as popular American music. With such artists as Alicia Keys, an audio book by Barack Obama, and no copyright policies or terms of use to be found, it appears that TeShamo is practicing unethical, if not illegal music sharing.

Despite its questionable practices, TeShamo! remains popular amongst Eritreans. It’s chat room is frequented by many users at all times of day, typically speaking in English. While specific chat rooms are set aside for music, movies, and sports, it is apparent that most people are there just to communicate in general with other Eritreans.


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